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Our School Badge

The school badge represents some of the local history of Hartford Village.

The tree stands for Sapley Forest, which grew across Hartford hundreds of years ago.

The three coins represent the treasure which was unearthed by workmen digging near the ‘King of the Belgians’ public house on Main Street in 1964. Over 1,000 French and English coins, dated between 1450 and 1530, were discovered and removed to the British Museum.

The wavy line represents the Great River Ouse, which runs along the edge of Hartford, and whose banks provided the home of Hartford’s first settlement. It used to be shallower and there was certainly a ford way at Hartford, long before the Romans came. Stone, Iron and Bronze Age man all left traces in Hartford near to the river.

You will notice that the school badge, along with features of Hartford Village, our school grounds and our happy children, have provided the inspiration for our website design. Can you spot the ancient coins hidden on each page, like those found in Hartford many years ago?