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Rosie German(a few years ago)

I like going to this school. I like doing phonics

harry german(a few years ago)

I like going to this school and it is fun .

12345(a few years ago)

wow your website is nice

.(a few years ago)

Please can add the school holidays for the next academic year? thanks

John Nicholas Moses(a few years ago)

Although it was probably a different building then, I attended this school in 1965 when I was 5 years old. I am an American. My dad had a job in England at that time. After 48 years I just today decided to try to find this school on Google Maps. I still have the uniform that I wore to this school in 1965 and last night we tried it on my 4 yr old son. It fit and is cute as can be!. It has the same "badge" that your school still uses. Anyway, just reminiscing and stopped by to say "Hello". Cheers from Dallas, Texas USA. JNM

Phoenix Wallace(a few years ago)

I love this website

Miss Chapman(a few years ago)

I hope you all enjoy browsing our new website. We will be adding more information regularly so why not save it as one of your favourites so you can refer to it whenever you need to. The children and community section will be developed in Phase 2 of the launch...so watch this space! Please use this guestbook function to write a comment about our website. We would love to hear what you like about it, but also further suggestions for development. Happy browsing! Miss Chapman