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Meet Our Team

Headteacher: Mrs. Lee

Senior Leadership Team: Miss K. Reid, Miss B. Lynch & Mrs R. Hyem 

Class 1 teacher: Miss K. Reid (Reception Team Leader)

Class 2 teacher: Miss H. Adams & Mrs. H Shaw

Class 3 teacher: Miss B. Lynch (Year 1 Team Leader) 

Class 4 teacher: Miss S. Legg

Class 5 teacher: Mrs M. Smith 

Class 6 teacher: Mrs R. Hyem (Year 2 Team Leader)

Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator:
Mrs N. Oliver

Pupil Premium Mentor: Mrs L. du Toit

Teaching Assistants: Mrs S. Airs, Mrs T. Cosbey, Mrs C. Esaw, Mrs J. Hill, Mrs. A Ali, Mrs S. Orledge, Mrs C. Peacock, Mrs J. Short, Mrs S. Turner, Mrs M. Witham, Mrs N. Beecher

Family Inclusion Worker: Mrs K. Brooks

Midday Supervisors: Mrs J. Hill, Mrs N. Jordan, Mrs K. Underhill, Miss T. Leah, Mrs L. Clarke, Mrs K White, Mrs D. Watson

Caretakers: Mrs L. Leach

Cleaners: Mrs N. Clancy and Mrs J. Harmes

Administration Secretary: Mrs R. Benn

Finance Secretary: Mrs B. Cooper


For a detailed look at each person's roles and responsbilities in 2017-18 click here.