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We teach Religious Education in accordance with the 2013 Cambridgeshire agreed syllabus which uses questions to explore a range of religious themes. These are covered in RE lessons and also in assemblies.

We develop children’s understanding, knowledge and awareness of Christianity and Sikhism in detail, and a look at other world faiths through the thematic approach. We encourage respect of those holding different beliefs.

Children meet together for a daily assembly in the school hall, and on a Wednesday in their year groups. Frequently our assemblies have a religious theme and we conclude with quiet thoughts or our school prayer. We like to invite visitors to lead our assemblies whenever this can be arranged.

We respect parents’ wishes and children may be excluded from assemblies or religious education. Please speak to your child’s teacher and write to the Headteacher if you would like your child excluded.


Our School Prayer
Help me to do the things I should,
To be to others kind and good,
In all my work and all my play,
To grow more loving everyday. Amen.


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