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Key Documents and Policies

Please find below links to key documents and polices you might find useful. Other polices are available upon request.

1. School handbook
2. Ofsted report

3. Equalities Information and Objectives
4. Special Educational Need and Disability policy

5. Information Report for Inclusion

5. Behaviour policy
6. Anti-bullying policy

7. Teaching and learning policy

10. Charging and Remissions policy [CAM Academy Trust Policy]
11. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
12. Intimate Care Policy
13. Safer Care Code of Conduct
14. Photograph/hospital/plaster permission form
15. Parent communication option form
16. Home school agreement
17. Pupil Premium
18. Sports Premium
19. Teaching Assistant policy
Medical Conditions Policy                                                                                                                  21. Sex and Relationships Policy                                                                                                                 22. Marking & Feedback Policy 

23. Accessibility Plan

24. Fraud Policy 

25. Freedom of Information Policy 

26. ICT and e-Safety Policy

27. International Policy [CAM Academy Trust Policy]

28. Social Media Policy [CAM Academy Trust Policy]

29. Whistleblowing Policy [CAM Academy Trust Policy]


The following Policies are all CAM Academy Trust Policies and can be accessed on the CAM Academy Website .

All policies are hyper linked to the website.

Complaints Policy and Procedures

Digital Data Retention Policy

Driving Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Financial Procedures Handbook 2017

Fraud Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Gifts and Hospitality Policy I

CT and e-Safety Policy 

International Policy 

Maternity & Paternity Policy

Pay & Remuneration Policy

Risk Management Policy

Safer Employment Policy

Staff Capability Policy

Staff Disciplinary Policy

Staff Grievance Policy

Staff Restructuring Policy

Volunteers Policy