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At Hartford Infant School we have a whole school approach to writing. We firmly believe that if a child cannot say a sentence they will not be able to write one, therefore we put much emphasis on oral rehearsal as a pre-writing tool.

We use the sentence checklist below to remind the children of this process. This could be used at home too when you are writing with your child or they are writing on their own.


When spelling tricky words the children are taught to sound it out using their 'robot arms'. For example, if they wanted to spell the word 'block' they would say out loud each sound [phoneme] they could hear -  'b-l-o-c', and then write down the letter or letters which gave that sound. When the children come to write the 'c' that they heard they would have to choose which way of giving 'c' would be appropriate. Children would be taught at a young age that 'ck' gives the sound 'c' at the end of words [and follows a short vowel sound] so would hopefully spell it correctly.

There are many phonic rules which the children learn during their three years with us - for more information speak to your child's class teacher or come to our next phonic workshop.



At Hartford, we teach a cursive handwriting style from Reception. This was following a pupil voice event where several children spoke about not enjoying writing as it made their hand hurt. A cursive style enables children to have a more natural 'flow' and our children love it! It has meant that some children are even ready to join in Reception!

It is important that when writing with you, or on their own at home, that your child is applying their cursive handwriting. It is great as all letters start in the same place.

Click on the link below to see how each letter is formed correctly. We find practice makes perfect - so do try at home!

Letter formation document